The First Mobile Promo Code Service

Create buzz using your in-app features

Promo Codes to unlock premium features in your app
Distribute to users and track who used what
Great tool for marketing and customer satisfaction
Simple API & Dashboard
Boom Codes Mobile
Actively Promote your App
Run promo code contests, post Boom Codes on Blogs, forums, or give them to review sites.
Run Referral Campaigns
Use our dashboard to run and track referral campaigns to reward your users for referring their friends, think Dropbox's extra storage referral bonus!
Print on your Business Cards
The next time you go to a conference or a meetup, give a business card with a Boom Code for your app on it
Use for Customer Support
Use Boom Codes as giveaways to unsatisfied users. Whether the purchase didn't go through or the device has an issue, your user will thank you for the Boom Code